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Inspiring Work Experience – Amarildo’s Story

Throughout this year our year 12 students are taking part in work experience. Amarildo recently completed a week at the Willmott Dixon Kings Dock MSCP Car Park site office. He wrote the following piece about his experience.

I asked to be placed with a Construction or Engineering Company so I was really excited when I found out I would be going Willmott Dixon.

On the first day of my placement I had an induction with the Site Contract Manager. He explained all about the safety rules on site and, about what they are doing on site, rebuilding a carpark that had been previously burnt down in a fire. He took me out on site and gave me a tour and also helped me to understand how the different machinery was used.

Throughout the week I went out on site a number of times with 3 different Site Engineers as well as a Construction Design Engineer. They showed me what was happening on site and explained how exactly they were going to rebuild the car park and ensure that the structure was safe. I then used a drone to view the whole site from above with which was amazing!

I was given a set of questions regarding the construction site and completed a fact finding mission. I had to find out all about the roles of people working on the car park and various technical information. It was very difficult but I found it fascinating. I spoke with members of the Design Team, Engineering team and site staff who all were able to answer some of the questions.

I met with the Quantity Surveyors and we viewed some A3 drawing files of the project. I was amazed at the precise detail within the drawings. I also downloaded and printed some drawings for 4 other projects which was interesting for me to look at and start to understand.

The whole week was well set out and I got to spend time with each of the different areas within the office team which helped me to gain an overall understanding of the project.
I was made so welcome from day one and I was treated as though I was one of the team. Everyone was so positive and encouraging. They took the time to give me an overview of their job and to answer any questions that I had throughout the week. I really enjoyed my placement from start to finish. I would love to do this as a job in future.

At the end of the placement, the Senior Site Engineer sent an email out to his all of his contacts requesting assistance in finding an apprenticeship placement for me. I am hoping that an apprenticeship may become available for me in the future with this company as I really enjoyed working with them.

When I paid a visit to the placement, I could clearly see that That Amarildo had been engaged, stretched and taken into the fold be all of the staff.

The week has been a very positive experience for Amarildo. The placement has been planned well, with Amarildo undertaking a range of activities within the different office teams. The fact the employer has then gone the extra mile to search for an apprenticeship for Amarildo has been a huge boost to him and his confidence.

We would like to send our thanks to the site staff at the Willmott Dixon Kings Dock MSCP site office, as well as all of our other work experience providers.

At All Saints Sixth Form College we do our utmost to ensure that our students complete placements that are relevant to their future career choice and in a profession that they are interested in. As you can see, this is just one example of how our students are placed in inspiring, exciting environments work experience which ensures that these placements really develop our student’s skills for future employment.

Miss Dooley Head of Year 12