Preparing our students for the tests of life and not a life of tests

At All Saints Sixth Form, we are delighted about the recent launch of our Curriculum for Life programme.

Upon joining our Sixth Form, you will be placed in a small tutor group where you will be assigned a Life Tutor that you meet with each morning for thirty minutes. During this time, you will develop a wide range of skills and knowledge which will prepare you for life beyond sixth form.

After speaking with our students and assessing the needs of the local community, we have designed an innovative curriculum which covers a wide range of topics relevant to our sixth form students such as finance and debt, mortgages, mental health, identity, sex education, drive safety, employment and travelling.

Each half term, our students cover a specific theme which include identity and change, health and wellbeing, relationships and society, managing risks, living in the wider world and being a good citizen.

During Curriculum for Life, students will also have the opportunity to read a novel which has been carefully selected for them. This allows students that time to read which will broaden their worldly knowledge and develop literary skills.

Additionally, our students gather once a week to take part in year group collective worship allowing them to celebrate, worship and discuss our Academy values.

Here at All Saints Sixth Form, we recognise that each student is unique and has their own hopes, dreams and aspirations. Therefore, we provide tailored support to each and every student when preparing them for their futures. Once a week, our year 13 students have a 30-minute Future Ambitions session whereby we guide them through the UCAS process or inform them about apprenticeship opportunities to ensure that they are well educated of the options available to them and ensuring they are fully prepared for life beyond sixth form. We work closely with local universities who we visit, and we have our own onsite careers advisor who is on hand to help students and equipping them with specialist advice and guidance.

Our curriculum for life offer is unique to the Sixth Form and ensures our students receive a curriculum which is inclusive, relevant and progressive for all students. Additionally, it helps our students to stay safe, healthy, and prepared for any challenges which they may face.

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