What is this course about?

The AS course is a one year course, it does not go towards an overall A level but is a stand alone qualification.

The A2 course is a two year course, which is an overall A Level qualification.

The main purpose of the course is to develop your ability in creating meaning by an expressive or inventive artistic response to the visual world, a personal context or social issue. The course will also develop your skills in the use and control of formal elements, techniques and technologies and the application to the selected media. You will develop your understanding of how ideas, feelings and meanings connect to images and artefacts at a personal level and how they are also socially constructed over time through genres, styles and traditions. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of context in your work.

How you will be assessed?

Student work will be assessed by the teacher every half term. The work will be externally assessed in the summer term.

What will it prepare you for?

The course will prepare you for further education and higher education within the arts and other creative courses such as advertising, animation and fashion etc.

Subject entry requirements:

  • GCSE grade 5 or above in English.
  • GCSE grade B or above in Art & Design or Level 2 BTEC with a Merit or above.