What is this course about and what will you study?

The aim of the A level History course is to provide a coherent knowledge of the past. To this end we will develop and apply an understanding of historical concepts.

The course requires students to use evidence and infer interpretations and significance. Students will learn to deploy critical thinking in a historical context through analysis.

We will develop the ability to communicate historical arguments and conclusions clearly with reference to appropriate historical terminology.

Students will study the history of more than one country over a chronological range of 100 years.

Typically this includes:

  • The making of modern Britain 1954—2007.
  • Tsarist and communist Russia 1855—1964.
  • The USA: Making of a superpower 1865— 1975.

How you will be assessed?

You will be examined in a breadth and depth study in 2 papers.

There is also a course work element of a study of your choosing which must cover a 100 year period.

  • Examinations—80%
  • NEA Study—20%

What will it prepare you for?

A level history is a highly valued qualification. As well as helping students gain access to university it could also help students gain employment in the public services. Other vocations such as Law and Journalism often require employees to have a sound knowledge of history.


Subject entry requirements:

  • GCSE grade 5 or above in History.
  • GCSE grade 5 in English.

Schemes of Learning

2S – Britain

1K – USA