What is this course about?

The Level 3 qualifications in Tourism is designed to give you the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills associated with tourism organisations and activities. This qualification will provide a broad basis for further or higher education or for moving into employment.

What you will study?

  • The types of tourists and UK tourism destinations
  • Tourism employment options within the UK industry
  • The motivation for travel and the range and appeal of worldwide tourism destinations
  • Marketing campaigns for tourism destinations
  • The of external pressures and changing customer needs and expectations
  • Developments in transport and technology within the global tourism industry
  • Environmental awareness and current issues affecting the global tourism industry
  • The planning of tourism events and the development of itineraries for UK tours
  • The nature of UK inbound and domestic tourism

What will it prepare you for?

The Applied Certificate and Diploma in Tourism enables learners to gain essential employability skills that are valued by employers, further and higher education including:

  • literacy and numeracy
  • digital literacy
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • planning and organisation
  • creativity and innovation
  • personal effectiveness

How will I be assessed?

The course is made up of four units (360 GLH: two Certificate units plus two further units). All units are mandatory.

  • Unit 1: The United Kingdom Tourism Product (External) (Certificate and Diploma)
  • Unit 2: Worldwide Tourism Destinations (Internal) (Certificate and Diploma)
  • Unit 3: The Dynamic Tourism Industry (External) (Diploma)
  • Unit 4: Event and Itinerary Planning (Internal) (Diploma)

The following units will be externally assessed:

Unit 1: The United Kingdom Tourism Product (90 min exam)

Unit 3: The Dynamics of Tourism (90 min exam)

The following units are internally assessed:

Unit 2: Worldwide Tourism Destinations

Unit 4: Event and Itinerary Planning