What is this course about?

A wide range of centre assessed units with practical and wider project-based assessment opportunities, as well as examined units on Media products and audiences, Pre-production and planning, Social media and globalisation, and research for product development has resulted in focused qualifications. Your students will develop professional and social skills through interaction with performers, clients and peers; as well as theoretical and technical knowledge and understanding to underpin these skills. This will allow their creativity and flair to be harnessed in the design and production of media products used within the industry.

They will also learn how to analyse target audience requirements, research market demand and bring a media concept alive working in line with legal and regulatory requirements, in a safe and effective way, protecting themselves and those they’re working with from injury or harm. Students will also gain an understanding of how different businesses and organisations in the media sector work. When it comes to progression or employment, your students will learn about the variety of opportunities available to them, and the roles and responsibilities of media businesses and organisations within the sector.

What will you study?

Year 12 Units

The course comprises of six units (3 mandatory and 3 The optional units are chosen that maximum enjoyment and achievement are ensured whilst preparing you for your future career.

1: Media products and audiences (2 hour exam)

3: Creating media products (coursework).

21: Plan and deliver a pitch for a media product (coursework).

Year 13 Units

2: Pre-production and planning (2 hour exam).

20: Advertising media (coursework).

23: Creating a personal media profile (coursework).

How you will be assessed:

Unit 1—External Examination

Unit 3—Coursework

Unit 21—Coursework

Unit 2—External Examination

Unit 20—Coursework

Unit 23—Coursework

Each exam can be taken twice and the higher grade will always count

What will it prepare you for?

This is a nationally recognized qualification that can provide access to the world of work or further education. When taken alongside other qualifications such as ICT or computer science, you will be able to progress to higher education or apprenticeships within the media sector. It will provide you with an extremely useful set of skills which can help to improve the appearance and quality of all of your work.


Subject entry requirements:


  • GCSE grade 4 or above in mathematics and English.
  • Preference will be given to those who have obtained a Merit or above grade in ICT.


  • GCSE grade C or above in mathematics and English.
  • Preference will be given to those who have obtained a Merit or above grade in ICT.