What is this course about and what you will study:

By studying Criminology you will develop your understanding of crime and explore different aspects of crime.

This will include crime in society, human perceptions of crime and the role of the courts and legal systems within criminal behaviour. Within this course the reasons for why crime is committed is investigated and explanations range from biological to psychological factors. Criminology allows us to question criminal behaviour and we will question whether certain theories are appropriate for certain crimes. As well as this, we look at the need for the criminal justice system.

This covers the structure of the legal system, the reasons for why crime is punished and whether ‘miscarriages of justices’ occur and what can be done in order to reduce this from happening. We will question the role of our society in the control of criminal behaviour and what makes us more likely to follow the rules… or in some cases, break them!

What do I need to study Criminology?

Law BTEC Level 3?
Grade 4 or above in English

A keen interest in law or the legal profession and the independence to write analytical, extended pieces of writing. What will I get at the end of this course?
BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Law
(Equivalent to 1 A Level)

What it will prepare you for?

This course contains different elements of Psychology, Criminology and Law that will prepare you for studying a higher education degree course including degrees relating to Criminology, Law, Psychology and Sociology.

As well as this, you will have a developed understanding of different employment types within the legal system including solicitors and barristers, criminal psychologists and the national probation service.

This course is designed to enhance thinking, analytical and evaluative skills as well as being able to apply learning and knowledge to understand the real world criminal behaviour.

How will I be assessed?

50% controlled assessment.

50% examination.

Units 1 & 3 – Assessed in the form of a controlled assessment (coursework), which will be completed at the end of the teaching of that unit.

Units 2 & 4 – Assessed (external) in the form of a 90 minute examination paper. There will be three questions on the paper, which will involve short and extended questions based on an applied problem-solving scenario.

Scheme of Learning

Pearson BTEC RQF Level 3 National Certificate in Applied Law